December 7, 2016

'Tis the season

 Esperazas' eclectic collection of lights are back, let joy be unconfined :) The chemist has done an unusually anarchistical display, below, whilst below that the Fournil bakers have excelled themselves

 The other story in town is the appearance of these posters.When our Mayor Georges underwent his palace revolt he was one councillor short of having to have another election. He had to winkle one from the rival team and he eventually succeeded in persuading Karine to jump ship and join him. She has not felt the need to attend a single meeting since, which is the complaint of the poster though really they are blaming her for preventing the putsch.
In fairness to her, she probably didn't realise what she was agreeing to. George and his team can be pretty persuasive; hes quite hard to say no to. At the end of the day, that's what you want it a mayor :)

December 5, 2016

new stuff

Xmas stuff; shopping and getting a new thang to make a new portable phone work. (This means that  yet again, anyone whose name is in the alphabet after T has been lost to me. Please message me if you think I've lost your contacts) Smashing new phone though, Tango and I have been doing selfies this evening. 

And Andy joined us for a sophisticated lunch:)

December 4, 2016

Decembers' best Party

 Pete and Nel have bought a new house and invited us all to celebrate it - we did! Quite lovely house, beautiful setting, Esperaza's denizens approve. Magic party, big thanks darlings and all the best in the new palace.

Mary and Bob
Nel feeding us all

conceptual  workroom

Claudinne and Jean and friends
Gracie and Olle-Bendick

Gracie and Tim

Gracie and Dermot

Gracie and Kate

Gracie and Bob

Gracie and Kat
Mary waiting for Gracie

our Kat

smokers in the garden, inc Kam and Billy
Jutta digging up a fig tree - it was that sort of party -

market news

Fun market; and here is Yvonne, honey lady as was (before retirement). She has taken a tumble and is mending fast, cared for by her daughter Belinda. All well:)

December 2, 2016


Cold, cold nights and mornings, heated by decent sun in the afternoons - that's the pattern of winter so far, anyway. Snapped this of  the frost on the houses across the river from the Cafe du Pont yesterday morning.

All tickety-boo here. Ate with Mike and Hilary at the Authentique last night and they agreed its transformed itself into a decent little restaurant.

Several friends have emailed that the big things I posted recently are in fact nests of the Asian Hornet (nids de frelons asiatiques) - so I'm off to report them to the mayor. The pompiers will remove them.
There are a lot of  hornets in town and they have been attacking our hive for years though the bees are most impressive as learners. When the hornets first turned up they picked the bees off easily; they hover over the entrance and drop onto a bee, killing it and flying off with the body. Gradually the bees changed their behavior and exited and entered the hive in clumps and fast, so they were difficult to pick off. They also smear the entrance with their sticky stuff and cluster over it in a wall of beeness, just shimmering. Guessing this is to stop the big boys moving in. Heroic critters, bees.

December 1, 2016

Mostessy Gracie

 Certain amount of girlish hilarity occurred at Gracies last are Kate and Juttas  portraits, Kat escaped the camera :) I'm amazed at how many interesting people live within shouting distance of one another. What luck xxx


..anyone know what these things are? They are BIG; dot at top of tree below is one of them. This one is by the tennis courts and the other is opposite, over the river and down a bit.

I'm guessing hornets. Maybe incubating space aliens.