October 21, 2017


New Kelly cooked for me and Bob, Kat and Roland last night. 'Cooked' isn't quite the word; 'magicked', perhaps.

She gave us french onion soup - which blew away Roland, as a Frenchman equipped to judge - then rack of lamb with shallots and potatoes fondant plus green beans. Pud was pears in a frangipane tart with ginger ice-cream, all home made.

We asked not to eat cheese. 

Conversation never flagged though a lot of it was about cooking and how on earth she did it.  Attention to detail and a creative awareness of the taste and look of things... it really is a gift. And an aptitude for graft. Simply marvelous :)

October 19, 2017

Esperaza calm

 Rue Gambetta was closed with above blockage, no idea whats happening; Margaret has gone back to Ireland as of this morning; the Creperie has re-opened after Kevins family wedding; New Kelly is here for a week; Annie and Pete are about to go as are Gert and Elizabeth; and this little beast was in the square yesterday. Calm.

October 17, 2017

No trouble at t'mill

....lunch at the mill with Annie and Pete and Gracie and  Mary (Angus stricken with 'flu); life is wonderful :) Except presumably for Angus. Its a nasty bug doing the rounds. Debate about 'flu shots was lively, divided and inconclusive.
Bob was distributing pumpkins since he has grown many enormous ones and they taste amazing.

October 16, 2017

management issues

Its hard, rural life. Managing the bumper crop of mushrooms is exhausting. Given away what we can but this lot still here... Raul and Zoraida left yesterday so we have no choice but to get on with it.

Surrealist cast

 Definitely an otherworldly sense at lunch with Pete and Clare yesterday :) Toby, Leo, Raoul: Raul and Zoraida: Pete and Nel: Louis: me and Bob all fed by the patient and angelic Clare in the purest of airs. Divine afternoon.
Market hectic and packed.
Rounded off the day by supper at home of soup of pumpkin grown by Bob, with Annie and Pete, Raul and
Zoraida. I disgraced myself by abandoning everyone and going to bed before the evening ended, totally knackered.

October 15, 2017


 Leo Toby and Raoul had their farewell party  last night; they are off elsewhere for the winter, inexplicably.

It was very very good. The quality of the guests was ace and the attentions of the hosts never flagged.

Toby came up with a drink that was new to me; 1/3rd blanquette de Limoux, white wine and some spirit I'd never heard of. And fruit. Most potable.
leos feet, my toes, nice floor

Case (Spelling??) and Toby

Ole-Bendik telling me off

friends and Raul

Pete and Nel flanking visitors who are walking the Compostella route

Clare and Pete

Kieron, Kat and Roland
Other news; the Creperie is closed because Kevin has to go up north for a family wedding. They are open again from weds.

The Indian summer continues, hurrah - so off to the market now with our lovely guests.

October 14, 2017

now you see them...

Yesterday was breakfast with Margaret, back here for a week - and Kat, returned from jaunting in Spain - elevenses with Annie and Pete, here for a brief visit - thence to the airport to collect Raul and Zoraida Espejo,  staying with us for the weekend. Raul claims I've known him for 40-something years but that can't be possible, not old enough.
Now off to show them the area :)-