July 27, 2017

life goes on...

 Peter and Ruth have left for Paris, alas - hoping they can get back soon - and Bob is working on the garden,which flourishes under his care.

Yesterday was medical stuff in Carcassonne and to my delight the little foyer had this painting by Karim Guerguer of blessed memory. The specialist wasn't bovvered and didn't know where it had come from but it made my day :) He died July 12th 2012.

July 26, 2017

advance celebration

 Bernt announced last night that he would be moving here full time in about a year, which is a move most approved off by the tribe. Someone has to keep Jutta in order. They gave a vast and splendid feast to me and Bob, Alan and Gillie, Pete and Nel and Pete and Ruth. Took this pic of Ruth at the apero beforehand; the other photos rather too random :) Off to Quillan market now to entertain our visitors.

July 24, 2017

quelle temps

Nephew Pete and his partner Ruth made it safely to Esperaza and were introduced to the pleasures of the Monday Night Market, despite the uncertain weather.

....It was easy to spot the Brits :)

July 23, 2017

Rain at last

 The storm broke yesterday and about time... damp and fresh today. The downside is that tonight is the night market where I had planned to take my nephew Peter and his partner. Hope the mayor has put up a tent :) I nicked his portrait of him (Peter) (not the mayor) from FB.

Yesterday we gave lunch to lovely Lizzie Jackson and I forgot to take photos. She is in fine fettle and will remain at St Hiliare another week or two so will see her before she goes back to fight the good fight; an academic in Britain, shudder.

Dinner on the terrace

Gert and Elizabet gave us a wonderful evening  last night - just the job, as Kat and I had been out drawing with Margaret all day and were too tired to do anything other than appreciate good food and wine. I did a great deal of appreciating especially as Bob and  Kat don't drink and someone had to take up the slack.
Our Danish friends are leaving for Copenhagen, a three-day drive - and will be greatly missed. Hope to catch them at the night market tomorrow night for another fond farewell.

July 22, 2017

More home entertainment

It's a blast, this eating in thing... :) Last night Joel and Pat, Mary, Pete and Clare, Annette, Terry and Di came to lighten our darkness.

We ate salads - orange and beetroot, tomato, melon and ham - then risottos - seafood and veggie - then crumbles - gooseberry and red and white currants. And bad Pat bought her choux pastry stuffed with cream and drizzled with toffee thing. OOOh.

July 20, 2017

Etienne is 3

Etienne has turned three years old and is growing up fast - mysteriously, Alecia hasn't grown older. Still miss them.
Ryan's brother Brad took the photo which I stole from facebook.

Bob and I ducked the Fete du Vin last night, all partied out. Went to TyRex for super, the other resto's being closed as they were cooking for the Fete du Vin and me too lazy to cook.. Found a couple of groups of friends also taking shelter, mentioning no names :) Thoroughly enjoyed the place, the food was excellent though the service as original as ever. They do try, it must be said.

The other night - I forget when - made it to the creperie where there were two new waitresses, how has that happened??? Subtly different food too - suspect a deal of staff holidays are going on. Will enquire. Place still packed, we were lucky to get a table for two without reserving. As always, excellent.

Only other news I can think of is that Di is running a stall at a vide grenier in Quillan on the 20th August and has asked for donations. Anything going can be taken to her in the morning  of the sale. Worth supporting; its to help sterilise the army of feral cats in the region.