July 27, 2016

Summer hols in earnest

 Here is Bob being put-upon at the Cafe du Fleuve in Quillan last night, love that place -  they persist in kindness and quality attention and good cooking - and here is Hannah testing her new chalks on the floor watched by a white rabbit.

So far, Bobs nephew Richard his wife Lynn and their three extremely agreeable children Charlie, Hannah and William are here.

Today we are expecting Bobs two brothers John and Phil and Phils partner Galavesh.

Jesse checking the toy box

Before the tribe arrived Lone and Philip came to tea, possibly the last adult conversation for a while :) Philip works in the big Copenhagen library, their version of our British Library, so as you may imagine the conversation was erudite and wide-ranging and engrossing. They are off soon to Denmark alas.

July 25, 2016

Adventures with Bob

Bob somewhat overdid it yesterday, culminating in a fall into the river, so our incursion to the night market was short and brief. Waved at mates; ate a burger-thang; drank a fizzy orange drink and ate liquoice ice cream.

Sunday in the sun

The market was rather oppresively crowded though my tincy hangover might have coloured that view; lunch was at home, sheltering from the sun. Here's Eddie, who dropped in, Mary-from-Montazel in blue and Lizzie out of sight - wonderful to hear three people who have never met before finding common experiences and pleasures.

Since Lizzie was staying with us she was kindly invited to Elizabet and Gerts for dinner where excess was rampant :) Gert has a master palette in wine so we had different wines with each course.

We ate from an electric barbeque on the terrace, a marvellous meal. Don't seem to have a picture of lovely Elizabet but here is lovely Lizzie and of course, master sommelier Gert -

July 24, 2016

in between comings and goings...

Captain Harris
Johns wife Margaret is in Ireland for a few days and Max's wife Andy will be joining him soon from Winnipeg and though they are quite capable of looking after themselves we chummed up to go to the Authentique last night. Which persists in getting better, though the noise (music, laughter, singing) made it pretty hard for us to talk - so back to Max's where the drinking continued.Great to be in the company of such erudite men :)

John not yet gone ferral


July 23, 2016

Cleo, Jan and Jon

 Heres Cleo, a well behaved and charming dog - yes, Lily was farmed out for the night - and her humans, Jon and Jan, who are wizzing through on their european tour. And took us to the Creperie. And left us far too soon.

July 21, 2016

Fete du Vin

Bobs home, safe and sound despite lack of trains - Louise, talking with him here, is staying in Chez Francois and managed to get here by bus too.

Weather turning - some rain in the afternoon and subsequent fears for the fete du vin, but apart from a few spots all was well. It was calm and cool, in fact. Delicious.

Soooooooo good to see so many friends reunited - even international star Max made it, albiet briefly -so, whats next???

July 19, 2016

Hot Tuesday

 Breakfast at Luc's and the Scottish Daves arrived, hurrah! After which Margaret and I spent the morning painting by the river (you can just see her through the tree). Exhausting; so lunch at Walters place, the lilac building on the way to Quillan. Edible though not exciting - great orchid though.          

Tonight is the Fete du Vin at Luc's - see y'all there - which will no doubt be enjoyed in memory of Sian, whose funeral is today in Montpelier. She will certainly be there in spirit.