November 17, 2018

Lighting the parrots

 Finally burnt the parrot candles last night at dinner; no celebration except that Angela is here, Kieran and Ann were available (sorry you missed the game Kieran - but congratulations) Jutta is at a loose end and Guillhem and Jamsie were about... nice mix, thanks to all for coming :)
Angela, Rembrandt, Jamsie

Ann, Kieran, Angela

Jutta and Bob

The best photo of the night was one of Guilhem fast sleep. Suspect it may well be illegal to post pictures of sleeping kids.... who knows.

Gathered news... Mikes' brush with a Mercedes has resulted in a broken collar-bone. Broken in two places, x-rays reveal (after Hilary managed to get him seen). He's trussed up in the hope they will grow back together without  the middle bit dropping out.

Drizzling out there. Market may be slight -

November 16, 2018

Gill et Jean

Thought Gill et Jean were a happy couple until I paid attention - its actually gilets jaunes  and its going to cause chaos tomorrow. Protesters will be donning the gilet jaunes ( yellow vests)  and blocking roads all over France to protest at the fuel price increases.
Just as our friend Angela flies into Toulouse, oh dear....

Here are random snaps from this evenings' stroll.

I'm putting off writing about the death of our dear little rabbit Jess, who was terribly old and died peacefully, but followed quickly on the heels of Lucifer - making it all quite shocking. Especially as Bella had arrived to join a rabbit-community and is now alone.
Bella however  seems a spark brighter than the missing lapins. She has built a burrow and eaten the roses.

Gloomily pondering Brexit - 

apropos, more friends have got their carte de sejour, hurrah, but word reaches us about some that haven't and have been given three months to leave France. One of them has hired a lawyer, it seems. Everyone is anxious, not just me. 

November 14, 2018

new bunny

Here's Bella being chased by Jess.
Bella has never seen another rabbit. Jess has, but never like Bella. Here's hoping they can sort it all out.

Fab evening with Oscar and Joy, drinking good red wine in my study. We covered most of the global issues to our mutual satisfaction..

November 13, 2018

mysterious hole

 Behind our ancient church is this hole, which Ian alerted me to.... I peered in in the hope that it was an archaeological site but there was little of interest that I could see from behind the  barriers. Plus, this was the site of the old abattoir, ugh. And anyway; whats going on?? Why is there a hole behind the church??

We ate tonight with Beth and Dylan and their wonderful kids Iso and Chloe, plus the visiting parents of Dylan, Oscar and Joy.

Beth can  cook and we ate big-time; and we talked and talked and drank a surprisingly large amount of wine. It was good.

And it helped; this morning Bob and I had found our sweet rabbit Lucifer dead, she had died in the night. We were sad. No obvious signs of any problem (just as with Alex's death) the beastie seemed to have lived life as normal and then stopped, suddenly. Both were Tete de Lion and we are wondering if this is a breeding flaw...

November 11, 2018

Lest we forgot

No-one actually FORGOT the memorial service of yesterday - it just got moved to last week so the school kids could participate. This meant that at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month the market was full of Brits wandering around going Quoi?

The French were very entertained and didn't know that the Brits marked that date and time... they were not perturbed by its absence. It was rather surprising how much our lot seemed to mind but of course we all had family in the 'Great' war.

Some friends in England had knitted a load of poppies and tied them to a net to throw over their village memorial which seems rather an elegant idea. My great-uncle learnt to knit in the trenches at the Somme and was delighted when he found I'd taught my little brothers. Fancy it for next year, anyone? Couple of evenings sitting round together would sort it -

The fundraiser for Lizea seemed to go extremely well; pretty rammed with audience and performers. Someone in the wings would rush on to replace an outgoing performer, belt out a couple of songs and be replaced... screen next to the stage for people at the back to be able to see. Lot of organisation and hard work gone into it all. Lets hope it was fruitful.

November 10, 2018

Tobys back

 After her long stay in hospital, Toby has been released into the community who are welcoming her with open arms. Here she is (above) with Bernadette at dinner last night, thoughtfully cooked by Leo (below) who did his  specials; smoked salmon in whiskey sauce followed by an Indonesian dish with satay. Kat cooked the cake and all lingered over the cheese except those of us who had eaten too much.
Bob missed the party since he's still in London - due back today - and Bernht and Jutta cried off as did a rather unwell Nel. But Pete, Rose, Kat, Roland, Bernadette and I did a good job on behalf of them. Thanks Leo and welcome home Toby💗💗

DON'T FORGET today at the Centre Culturel - a day-long concert to raise money for Lizea's family to go to America with her so she can have them with her while being treated for leukemia. 5 euros entrance. It all helps.

raining, not

Here we are this morning after yesterdays rain... its unnerving when it rains because of the fear of flooding. Thursday (when the weather was lovely) went to Carcassonne by the magic of public transport and the trains between Limoux and Caca still can't run because of flood damage; the buses are fine but gave an alarming view of the vineyards  around St Hilarie which are crushed and covered in debris.
Coming home in the dark was especially freaky as you can see nothing except when the bus headlights picked out things like colanders, washing-up bowls, old bikes and so forth, scattered over the darkness. Bright plastic, shiny metal. The remains of peoples homes - felt so sad for those that lost everything.

Ah, yes. The reason I was coming home in the dark is because the timetable has secretly changed. The advertised 4.00 return bus in fact runs some time before 3.30 and the next is at nearly 7.00pm. Check everything if taking advantage of the 1 euro trip, which remains the same and the best value in the Aude.