August 17, 2017

proper send-off

 Emile had a very Esperaza send-off, for all he was buried in Couiza... there were speeches in the rugby stadium followed by the funeral cortege driving slowing from there to the town hall, where there was a pause, on to Luc's ditto, thence to Couza. Very moving and remarkably well-organised in a short space of time with a creative new format for the funeral ritual. Difficult to shake the sense that Emile enjoyed it.

Especially charming was this gesture from Luc, who kept the parasols round his bar unfurled for the day, closed with black bands. Should have been a bit daft but was actually very touching.

August 15, 2017

barbie weather

 Just before Leo and Tobys barbie, a freakish hail storm hit us... but it cleared and the air was fresh for the event, hurrah :) Here is Roland, unable to stop himself helping Toby and the tribe, below - featuring Scottish Daves family who leave today and Anns sister, ditto.
Brilliant nosh BTW.


Very saddened to hear of the death of Emile. 
We campaigned together on behalf of the last mayor, Jean Torrent. Emile was a decent bloke that it was a pleasure to pass time with.
La Depeche calls him a model of kindness, of honesty, of simplicity, a bloke who loved to talk, to laugh, to take the ....

which says it better than I could.

The obit is very touching, concluding

 Jamais nous n'aurions imaginé parler de lui au passé, non jamais.

His funeral is tomorrow. He was much loved, Esperaza will be in mourning. Details here...

August 14, 2017

It was monday... hey-ho for the night market! Packed and fun, as ever. Went with Philip and Lorne, Richard and Eva and tackled the local fare with gusto. And red wine.

New Kelly is back, here chatting with Nel - Jo and Roy, John and Jane in the background. Dunno who the band was but they did a decent job.

Spent some time at the docs yesterday after having had a raft of tests to see why my legs ain't working properly. Scans and echo-sounders and complex bloods - marvellous technology. Got told the problem; I don't drink enough water. When I reported back to friends last night they all had similar stories but for quite different problems. All of us foreigners are being told to drink more water. Are we being fobbed off??? -Or (more probably,) are we just not alert to the totally different climate we now inhabit?
Drink more water out there y'all!

August 13, 2017

Le weekend

 Yesterday took tea with Philip and family; here he is driven out of his house to smoke his pipe in peace :) They are back to Copenhagen on Weds., Julie his daughter to Barcelona, too short a visit as they all have jobs to go to. Philip held us fasciated talking about the challenges that librarians face today, oh la la la la. Don't envy him.

Today being Sunday was the market of course and as always a laugh. But not for long. Vide greniers abound. Here is the one at Alet-les-bains which I'm surprised to report was almost as good as Esperazas, traditionally the best in the haute vallee. No dealers, just cheap old household tat. And yes, I bought lots. Spent nearly 5 euros.

hunt horns making haunting melodies

wild boar roasting
Went onto the Rouvanac vide grenier but didn't get a thing. Met several friends which was fun though.

We have 5 artist visitors at home now, we are leaving them alone to get on with the art while we do mundane stuff. Nice.

August 12, 2017


Last night was a Big Treat - at the Hotel Cavanac, over St Hilaire way- with Lizzie Jackson and Pete Lawrence, the perfect company for eating alien entrails :) Pete is doing interesting work based on the notion of campfires, see
Lizzie is back to London today after managing most of the summer in France. Bob and I are putting our heads under pillows.

August 11, 2017

misty lens

. Et voila! Dinner with the Matthews, a treat not to have to be responsible for anything:) Ann and Keiran and Roland and Kat made for a super jolly night - that and the legendary hosting skills of Father John and Mrs M.
The only photos that were clear from last night are the ones that no-one will thank me for posting. I keep them on file though.