July 19, 2018


Another hazy picture of friends eating and drinking... last night it was Toby and Leo, Richard and Eva, plus residents Ric and Clear and me and Bob.  Interesting menu somewhat spoilt by me burning the main course, hey ho. (Smoked salmon terrine and salad, anchovy tart with charcoaled  tomatoes,  new potatoes and runner beans, mango and vanilla cake with licorice ice-cream)

Fascinating late conversation drawing on our talented and well-travelled guests' experiences.

Ric and Claer leave us today and I embark on the housework, sigh.

Weather wierd

Toby drove us to visit Andree yesterday... she sends love to all and is well though (we suspected) rather bored.This let to a debate in the evening - at Kats apero - about what would be good in a maison de retrait to keep the old folk frisky. Prize goes to Toby who suggested young men on roller skates delivering cocktails.

 Kat has been renovating her place so the impromptu apero was for nearest and dearest to take a peek at the works. Pretty impressive. And views of the surrounding rooftops are beautiful and its easy to see her street -
 storms came and went all night.

Which made life hard for Bob, Claer and Ric who had headed for the coast.... they made it home safely, finally.

July 17, 2018

DIY Dinner

The successful dinner party requires guests who appreciate good food enough to bring their own; Elisabeth brought the first course ( gazpacho and trimmings) and  Clare brought a delicious whiskey meringue and cream thing which was outrageous by any standard. I did the middle bit - roasted walnuts with a variety of non-dairy cheeses and pasta and, most importantly, blet from the garden. And there were fresh tomatoes for the salad.
Gert and Elisabeth, Fran and Clare, Ric and Claer, Jutta, Mary, Bob and I made a fine noisy evening.

cat whispherer

Since Lily's death, Ian is rarely seen in the streets as he no longer has a fine dog to walk - questions have been asked after his well-being.

Et voila!

Rain stopped play at the night market last night, to everyone's disappointment. Most of our friends turned up at the ex-Ty-Rex, the only open resto in town and where we too were dining.
Actually they are very good, for what they are.... vedg ain't out of a packet, they are carefully roasted, my confit de canard was delicious and there were no complaints from the rest of the table.

Photos rubbish.

July 16, 2018

Historic Sunday

 Last nights dinner chez moi - Bob, Clare, Pete, Claer, Ric, Brenda, Nigel and Kat - all looking rather glum in the photos. I put it down to the heat rather than the cooking.

It was 36 degrees. The storm broke with fervour this morning and all is fresher here.

AND FRANCE WON LE FOOT!!! Much rejoicing in the town.

The vide Grenier was just too hot for me though I did a quick rekkie - everyone I spoke with was threatening to jump into the cool and  inviting Aude.

July 15, 2018

mates apero

Peter Dunn
 Peter and Clare hosted an apero for the team yesterday evening. Nothing like the calm chatter of old friends, surrounded by the delights of nature, high in the mountains. Invigorating.

Nel looking naughty with splendid designer jewelry made by astonishingly talented artist, ahem.
Peter Gregory, Father John Matthews, Leo - sorting the world -

El (Mrs Scottish Dave) Surveying the immense landscape

Eva, Margaret, Leo...

Afterwards I tottered off to see the band and the fair, both carefully designed to exclude the elderly.  Gert and Elisabeth found me wandering and took me home for a restorative chat about literature and the state-of-the-world. 

                        When I got home everyone had gone to bed :)

July 14, 2018

A bas les prisons, toutes les prisons...

We commemorate the storming of the Bastille today in a small but perfectly formed procession that passed the end of the impasse just now - there are more celebrations to follow.

Last night we missed the rugby club dinner and party but heard it loud and clear until 2.30 am.

Ric and Claer ('don't photograph me') are here and we are having a quiet time, though we managed lunch at the Auberge du Faby at Rouvenac yesterday. Loved being back there; such a pretty place and re-organised by Sabrine, Gunter and their daughter-in-law. Tighter menu, most excellent - the four of us had nothing but praise for the meal afterwards.