October 26, 2016

Lovely Wednesday

 The day began full of mist; here is the level crossing, just pre-dawn, still dark. Then the neighbours left a huge box of wild mushrooms, beautiful...
 Toby hosted a dinner tonight for Leo and Roules (uncertain spelling there), Bob and me, Kat and Roland, Gracie and Jutta, so English, French, German and Dutch sentences were dancing across the table at any given moment. To Thai food with French additions. Delicious :)
 Since Kat and Roland are off to Isle de Brexit tomorrow and Toby and  Leo leave for Amsterdam before they get back, there was a certain amount of hilarious xmas gifting. Above Leo is receiving his toilet set in a suitable way and below Roland is looking anxious, as he may - he speaks no English and he's off to Dublin and then Wales tomorrow. And the rest. I warned him about the weather and the food. Could be why he is looking so concerned.

October 25, 2016

Day off

Captain Harris and I took a day off to be together - drove from mist to low cloud to fog to Narbonne Plage, where we went to our favourite restaurant and considered our missing friends, now dispersed.
Not as gloomy as it sounds:) Really enjoyed the day.
-And darling Gracie brought us supper when we got home, xxxx

Can't resist adding a photo of dead jellyfish, though maybe they resurrect when the tide turns. There were hundreds on the beach so lets hope so.

October 23, 2016

Sunday market and chez nous

Sunday market quiet as befits an out-of-season day... still fun of course, many local friends about.
And in the evening, Mary, New Kelly, Gert and Elizabet (here for a brief week from Copenhagen) joined us for dinner and a good job too :) New Kelly brought pudding -  chestnut ice-cream with white pepper. 
Probably needs a poem to do it justice.

October 22, 2016

Bugarach booty

Every since seeing the Fabiola exhibition at the Portrait Gallery I've been impressed by the idea of her - not of her, per se, but of the ability of an image to strike a chord and to be maintained, without formal networks. This old review explains succinctly what I'm on about;

Anyway, today I found one:) Thrilled to bits... its a broach, brass, with Fabiola painted on glass over metallic paper. This from the Bugarach vide grenier, where patient Bob took me and Kat and Gracie and much fun was had - tea and delicious cakes and booty for all ( except poor patient Bob who has decided on only getting necessary things)
Cold in the mountains...

October 20, 2016

Laziness abounds...

Not much going on and anyway I forget the camera... Bob has come home, all well with him, Pete and Annie are gone,  Yuri has returned to London.

Yuri has sent links to some of the videos of the events of Sunday which show snippets of friends and the general flavour of this odd event. Here they are;

The "Grand Pardon" at Monts├ęgur, 16.10.2016


Demande de pardon aux Cathares de Montsegur


Montsegur 16th October 2016


montsegur 2016


Whilst not wishing to lower the tone, there is a vide grenier at Bugarch on Saturday though the weather forecast is for rain so maybe not.

October 16, 2016

Weekend so far

Saturday saw a demonstration by the fair folk of  Limoux who like refugees, against the racists who arrived in the town mostly bussed in (The Soldiers of Odin (!) and others it seems)
Rather shamefaced to say I wasn't there and lifted these photos from Kate Hardy on Facebook.

 I was seeing Bob off instead - hes had to go to Isle de Brexit for a few days, miserably - and drinking chocolate at Luc's with Annie and Pete, seen here hiding in the shadows. Ineffectually.
The evening was spent at dinner Chez John Marshall and Sues', celebrating the birthday of John Rushton who as this photo shows has grown in grace and maturity. 
Yuri was supposed to be there too but got lost in the woods, under the Hunters Moon, seen below. 

The market to day was fun but slight, few folk around. However I was introduced to artists new to the region (Richard and Suzy) and am thrilled to have wasted the morning chatting and discovering common ground, common allies. 
    Though 'shared' would be a better word - nowt common about any of it :)

Have bunked off the afternoon ceremony at Montsegur. Suddenly the idea of several hours of ritual apology didn't make me feel any better about the murder of the Cathars by the catholic church. Expecting Yuri to bring home the photos and a full report while I potter about in Esperaza, as God intended.