September 21, 2016

Fete du Vin at Le Pont

apero as the musicians kick in (see Edith dancing with Sana in the corner)
 A  beautiful evening for it - with a good bunch of musicians - plus a pretty toad spotted on the path on the way home. Perfect night to say goodbye (>sniff<) I'm off to Isle de Brexit for 3 weeks. Be good.

September 20, 2016

weather changes

 Sundays Vide Grenier was under patchy skies and blown by winds - which deterred none of us from bargain hunting :)
 Despite the lack of blasting heat, the work of watering continues - voila, le Captain with a young fruit tree-
Everyone at Luc's this morning thinks tonight will be fine for the Festival du Vin. Hope so, looking forward to it :)

September 18, 2016

Mega retirement party

Toby has retired, officially, totally - too young of course but they do things differently in Holland.

Here she is trying to call us to order - the place was heaving - to toast Antoine, who coincidentally had his birthday on the same day.
All of our friends were there and it was a noisy and delightful night :) My photos don't do it justice... oh, best wishes to Roland who wasn't there on account of not being too well -  get well soon.

And all the bestest of course to Toby who can give lots more wonderful parties now shes retired :)

Janet and John (really -)

Barbara and Ann (who are visiting Margaret), with Hilary

The rarely-spotted Olle-Bendik

September 16, 2016

Friends to celebrate

Last night we celebrated the return of both Toby and Margaret in the company of Kat and Roland, Mike and Hilary - and Leo showed up late - needless to say, it was a delight. Margaret will be joined by friends in a couple of days while John holds the fort in Ireland
 The eagle-eyed will notice our waitress is not Nightingale, who is unwell. All the best to Night and bonne courage to her stand-in (she did well)

September 13, 2016


 Woke to the sound of taps running... had forgotten rain. What does one wear?? Eventually found trousers, t-shirt, mac, wellies, umbrella. All rather nice. Footpaths studded with snails.
Should have guessed. Last night went with Gracie to sample the delights of the buvette at Le Camping and were turned away - they had a special event and had erected a large marquee.Seemed odd, in all this glorious heat, but now I realise they had paid attention to the weather forcast.
                     -Gracie and I ended up at l'Authentique and ate delicious burgers.

hallucination night

 Last night has a slightly hallucinogenic quality due in part to the massive amount of alcohol  that was forced on me by mine hosts, Mike and Hilary. These are the pics on my camera this morning along with some very dark hazy images that are incomprehensible. I do remember an evening of laughter and delicious food:) Kat and Roland also partook and added to the fun. Great night guys xxxx

September 11, 2016

le weekend

 Ann and Kieran held an apero tonight... well signed :)
Lovely Louise
Roland and Andy
Ann, our hostess

Lovely, wonderful evening, dear friends and much culinary care from Kieran and Ann. Thanks, darlings:)

 Before the apero, the market was crowded so I went to the Vide Grenier at Couiza with Shuff and Ian. Got loads of tatty English books and sundry essential objects.

 Here's Nel who was selling stuff to pay for the vet for the horse that Aileen has rescued from ill-users... theres a fund if anyone is into animal protection. It's a BIG mistreated horse with big care bills.

 - and yesterday went to the pool at Quillan with Shuff. It may be remarked that it is not over-used :) It was supposed to close today but it will be open for another week on account of the excellent weather.