August 28, 2016

Sunday; market, lunch...

The market, mercifully overcast but still hot, featuring a living statue; Mary from Monazels at lunch (no snap of Gracie whom Mary is addressing); the health centre, taking shape; and a nice pair, hoho, grown by Bob.

August 27, 2016

Space filler in the clouds

In the absence of anything else to report - guests all gone, alas, all quiet - I thought I'd post this poor photo of clouds taken a couple of weeks ago. Wish I'd had a real camera with me. Its a phenomena I'd heard of and never seen before; clouds cast shadows onto other clouds, all moving at different rates, and the shadows cast onto the clouds look like moving cities in the sky.
The medievialists reported this from time to time, always some sort of portent. Cant remember what it signifies.

August 25, 2016


 Here we are recovering at the Poulet en Bicyclette after a hard days travelling, ending at Font Romeu - here's a tasteful snap of me and Andrew reflected under the mountains whilst looking at art. Fab day.
Our guests leave us for Britains' chilly shores this morning, alas. Its been a lovely few days of holiday.

The simple life

Last nights' dinner - with Fran, Gracie, Maggie and Andrew - was a surprising success. We ate wild boar, roasted, with steamed potatoes, onions and carrots and it was amazingly good. Potaotes from the next door garden, Bobs onions, carrots from the 8 a 8, boar from the hills. Pud was Tarte Tatin made with plums from Frans bounteous trees. We sat up too late drinking the good local wine.
The simple life can't be beat :)
Further news; Humbert, who many of the artists here know, says hi to everyone. He wrote en route to Chad, where he expects to be for the next few months. Didn't have time to get round to us all and say goodbye.
Further further news; the English Library is relocating to Quillan, by the Pink Palace, not Esperaza as previously reported. Not yet, anyway.

August 24, 2016

summer is great

Beautiful Gracie is back:) Joy was unconfined. We ate at I'Authentique with Andrew and Maggie and nattered non-stop.
We'd had a tourist day, Rennes le Chateau (Church and all that), Alet les Bains (Abbey, church, coffee at the Jardin buvette place, quick visit to Maria's studio), Rennes les Bains (Will and Marvis pizza) - beautiful weather for it though ennervating at the hottest end of the day, so we siesta'd till dinner.
This is the life.

August 22, 2016

next to last night market

 What shall we do when the night market season is finished, I asked the Mayor  this morning. He, creative man, has ideas... we must wait and see.

Here are Andrew and Maggie Baldwin, staying with me this week - an out-of-focus Claudinne, Jean and New Kelly. Another good party. The band were very good. The heat is back in force but the nights are cool and pleasent.

Grief shopping

Thought we'd do the vide greniers to help stop noticing the absence of our bunny. Started at Quillan where we squandered to great effect; new bed cover, silk rug, bone carved fish and a frock for when I loose some weight [oh yeah]. 
The plan was to do St Julia de Bec, St Ferriol and then Autugnac -nice round trip.

The best laid plans, as we all know, aft gang agly. 
If the sweet couple who run the Authentic restro in Esperaza hadn't stopped, we'd still be up a mountain wondering how to change a tire.They lept out and just did it, using madame as a lever to jump on the thing that turns the bolts. So grateful :)

bunny funeral biscuits

Back at home, here's Tango flinging his drinking water about in an impromptu shower. He is very cheerful despite our glumness.