May 27, 2017

All quiet

The expo is getting visited by friends dropping in, which is lovely - otherwise here, Kats Gallery and the OFF SPOT ( in the place d'industry, by radio ballade) are quiet. The weather is glorious and I have a feeling most people are at the lake. Here's the mighty Aude and the old bridge this morning, and a heron.

May 26, 2017

VERY good night

 The private view was a blast - 'a funky scene' someone remarked - lots of blurred photos of lots of friends but these few give the flavour.
Above is Andree being surprised in some way by our mayor, Georges Reverte - very good of him to come especially after having to turn down the band the night before. He enjoyed them and was sweet about having to curtail the music, had no problem about last night. Its all about neighbours and their odd desire to sleep :)

 It was hot, it was crowded, a deal of alcohol was consumed.... it all spilled into the street which was as it should be.

Missed Gracie, who is with her family; her work was appreciated and sold well anyway.Thanks to all for coming and to Bull who leave today for gigs in England. Come back soon. >Sniff.<

May 24, 2017


Bull - its the name of the  band - made it to Esperaza after much chaos on the trains; settled in now :) They played at the buvette at Le Camping last night and were thoroughly enjoyed.

 Alas, at some point in the evening Yuseff, the boss there, got a text from the mayor - who lives next door....after that the band went acoustic

There was a certain amount of excitement when the bit that held the drums together went AWOL but the drummer Mr Tom (as opposed to my nephew, the singer Tom) improvised quite brilliantly. Astonishingly good.

People danced and wiggled their bottoms

Don't miss them tonight, when they'll be playing at the vernissage at the atelier opposite the Grand Hotel in Rue Victor Hugo.

We're in La Depeche and l'Independent

May 23, 2017

Center stage

 Photographed this off the tele; we have made Esperaza TV!!!! (channel 70 in these parts) Mostly it broadcasts the school dinners. Which are brilliant BTW.

and here is my neighbour Michel standing for election in the regional round... as he says, the roots of democracy.

Chez nous we are waiting for my nephew and his band who are arriving from Paris, maybe to play at the Artists a Suivre - their arrangements are at best ramshackle but  hoping to see them :)

Expecting vegans

The thing about vegans is the amount of vegetables that have to be prepared to cook with. I leave the tap running to take up the tear gas from the onions. Here's Tango being helpful

My nephew Tom is bringing his band here, so I know they are playing in Paris at the moment and not Manchester. Any comment from me will be trite but in Esperaza this morning everyone I spoke to expressed concerns for Manchester and England; very sweet.

May 22, 2017

Advance warning

The vernissages for the Esperaza OFF will happen at Kats gallery and my atelier on Thursday, 6 -8 pm. It is hoped that our friends and allies will move from one to the other as the spirit moves them.
Gracie and I are showing together and of course are open for the duration. Please come! Bring friends!

May 21, 2017

home again

Back from London - many gushing thanks to Angus and Mary for the airport lift :) - and straight to find Jutta and Bernts party in full swing. Almost all the multi-nationals there, plus their beautifully behaved dog; a  few absentees due to illness. Get well soon, you know who you are.
Sooooooo good to be home in sunshine and clean air.