January 20, 2018

this mornings' dawn

....spot the heron.
Its been raining on and off all day, sigh.

January 19, 2018


Look who turned up yesterday, just in time for the first Artsmeet; young Master Theo Bowyer, with a Ba and an Ma under his belt since we last met. In fine fettle. And then some.
Artsmeet a Good Thing - working artists talking shop. Next on the 19th Feb and devoted, probably, to Dada. Get in touch if you want to come.

January 18, 2018

Weds night

Father John invited us - Roland, Kat, Mike, Hilary, petite moi - for his spag bol. Casual supper turned out to include glorious salad and apple tart and cream, where the hand of Margaret was recognisable. Lovely. We spent the night arguing and showing each other photies. You can't beat an evening with friends :)

Happy 17th

Its BLUE APPLE day at Rennes le Chateau, which I can't be bovvered to explain ( Really, enough... google it if you don't know) (You'll understand then) 

Wonderfully, Marcus turned up, visiting from Cornwall having left these parts a few years ago - plus Fran who also quit a while back - we used to go together way back when so it was fun to trot up the hill and see what was happening. 

The church was packed and clearly some people were being contemplative, so I didn't use my flash and accordingly have no useful photos. The altar was lit so I was able to see that the Magdelene has been nearly restored and nicely done - needs a little more attention and you won't know the difference. 
The demon is still in bits, away being mended. 
If all this means nothing to you and you are curious, http://www.rennes-le-chateau.com/default-uk.htm or any of the other myriad sites.
Here is the lately dug hole... which made The Guardian.

 The most striking thing about todays Blue Apple Day is that they didn't appear. It seems that this is the first time in 20 years they haven't come; certainly they've been there when I've been there before, though sometimes briefly. Very sorry for the hordes of esoteric tourists who left disappointed.
The other striking thing is that all the shops and restaurants were open! Never before. They just open for the day and close again till March now. Couldn't get into the Dragon restaurant - full!! - so went to see Will and Marvi and ate there in Rennes les Bains. A comparative ocean of sanity.


Brilliant fun, we chattered non-stop.
-And I've just heard from Kate C. that Marcus and I were on the local news tonight, filmed at RlC, France 3. Gosh.

January 16, 2018

running around

 ...to Carcassonne this morning to buy parrot accessories. Its very pleasant at this time of year, barely a tourist in sight and is possible to see the town - one forgets, its very lovely there.
As is Alet-les-bains where we went to collect source water on the way home, see below...

Was vastly entertained last night by the appearance of Peter Dunn and his mate Rob - we leaped out to the take away which was the only place open in our entire town and thoroughly enjoyed burgers and chips. They do them well there.

Brits having admin trouble??
- who isn't.
Wonderful Kate Coughlan is running free drop-in sessions at the English library* in Quillan on Tuesday between 2 - 4. She'll give you basic advise for free - and point you in the right directions - charge you for anything more complex.
See you soon Kate :)

*On the corner of the bridge by the Pink Palace.

January 14, 2018

Birthdays continue

 Couldn't resist photographing Roys front door as I ambled about the market yesterday - which was fun, as ever, but sparse. The weather forecast was for rain and though it never materialized it was probably that that kept the stall holders away.

Then at Luc's cafe, young Jutta held an impromptu birthday lunch which was brilliant! Such a good idea - she'd got chinese food from the market and little cakes from the patisserie and of course the bar was already in place... she was on excellent form.

 In the evening I took photos of the friends who came to eat macaroni cheese, but they were dreadful snaps and you know what John and Margaret, Kat and Roland, Mike and Hilary look like. 
So here's another image of beautiful Jutta.

January 13, 2018

a classic

 The day started innocuously enough with the fire brigades' annual practice at rescuing people from burning buildings... no one was injured and the young pompiers now know how to manage a catastrophe.

Thence to the star of the day - Roy Hayes, a babe of 70 years, still looking good on it.   In this photo (which I stole from Lorraines facebook page) it is clear that he continues to appreciate good living.
Many friends were there to celebrate and to marvel at the cooking - magic Jo at work for some weeks, one suspects. I asked their son Jonathon if the family always lived like this and he said he thought it was normal, that all families ate so well, until he got married.... his wifes response is unprintable.

Kieran is recovering from his nasty lurgy though overcome by a need to sit down - on Lorraine -
Its becoming clear that my blurry photos are due to a blurry lens. Will clean up before the next event. 

 Really a shame that this pic of Luc and Fiona is so blurred - Lorraine takes a good crisp snap as you can see from this of me and Bob, also lifted from Facebook and taken by dear Lorraine whom I hope won't mind.
 Louise and Janet and a happy crowd scene

Leigh with Clare chewing the cud  - apropos, a lot of my blurred pix have been jettisoned on account of  peoples face being distorted by eating. Might be a series of painting in that.
Many thanks to Jo for her devotion to feeding us and to Roy for being Roy. Here's to the next remarkable decade :)