May 20, 2018

The sun had had his hat on

It was another festival yesterday - festival des hermits? - where young people wear white shirts and black bowler hats, paint on a black eye and follow the brass band about the town, drinking as they go. In the evening they have a party which they are good and ready for. Jolly noisy; lots of plastic cups lining the streets this morning.

Which was rather good as me and Fiona and Simon (see below) were making quite a lot of noise in the garden - bet none of the neighbours heard us :)

Had a very good night - thanks for your erudition and humour and sheer joie de vivre, m'dears -

 Market back up to speed - bright and noisy and packed - quite wonderful. I spent most of it in the patisserie chatting with Peter Dunn, because I could. Had the honour of introducing him to Beike; he has worked with Joseph Beuys and she has worked with Louise Bourgeois. (For an artist this is like, I dunno, hanging out with Leonardo. Only better)

May 18, 2018

Oh Happy Day...

Not yet sure if the merchandising dept has got these for sale - profits to the reptilian fund - but big thanks to Craig High, the designer. Nailed it in one, Craig :)


After meeting with our mayor to sort some arty stuff - the Brexit meeting is NEXT Thursday - did a load of housework and had programmed an evening of ironing.

But found a book instead... here's Kate Hardys book, jolly good fun, well written and tightly plotted. Might be on the chiclit scale but many men I know would enjoy it anyway :) ironing another time then.

The arty meeting has established that there will be an open air painting event in Esperaza on July 21st. Save the date to join in or to come and mock the artists in situ.

May 17, 2018


John and Margaret, Mike and Hilary, Kat and Roland and petite moi did the decent thing and tested the Restovale last night. Again, in my case. It was packed, pretty much all local people. Valerie and her staff held up well in the face of pressure. General thumbs up. (Just don't mention Margarets salad).

May 15, 2018

Wet 'n' Fed

 Water back, on schedule; and here's the menu from ex-Ty-Rex which is now run by  lady called Valerie, hence new name.
Having decided to eat there we discovered Berndt and Jutta trying to have a quiet meal together, which we soon put paid to.
We were charmed by the notion of Fish and Ships :) The food was OK and the service capable - we all agreed that its the ambiance of the place that holds us. Dead sophisticated.

TyRex extinct

Ty Rex has been renamed, see above... no idea when it will open or if (please god) they have changed the menu.

STOP PRESS IT'S OPEN :) Someone else can check the menu.

Later still
NO WATER IN TOWN the excavations in Rue Gambeta - rather a lovely water feature including a bulldozer - appears to have severed the towns water supply. A bunch of blokes about to go and have lunch were looking at it just now.

After lunch
They say we will all have water at 6pm

Yuri and Ray have just left for the airport where the flights this afternoon seem to be OK; this mornings' were deviated to Toulouse due to high winds, it seems.

May 14, 2018

Brexit fears

 We are inevitably touched by Brexit, despite having it forced on us. Georges Reverte, our Mayor, has offered a session in his office to talk to us about what to do - citizenship? Carte de Sejour? Suicide? Thats next Thursday, May 24th at 10.00 am in his office. All welcome. There will be frequent reminders.

Et voila! ANDREE, as cute as a button, as ever. Had a lovely long tea break with her in Limoux - she sends love to all, comme d'hab.

Just walking from the car to the entrance to her place was an epic as that's when the hail started. There was a brief sunshine patch this morning and here is Lily taking advantage of it, trying to drink the place dry. You can see from the size of the river this is not an easy task. AND there's snow in the mountains! So the snowmelt - if it ever happens - will cause further chaos.

Further news; Rue Gambetta is closed.