March 26, 2017

not full spate quite

The river calming down yesterday... and calmer today though still high. All well. Nothing to report. Though much is brewing :)

March 25, 2017

Magheads ahoy

The many fans of Mary Magdalene - known locally as Magheads - will be beating a path to the Beaux Arts in Carcassonne where a jolly entertaining expo is running, entry free.

And the winner is.... the modern face of catholicism, in 1891 anyway. By Jean Beraud and totally fab. See
for a decent look at the image. Makes a change from men's paintings of semi-naked ladies clutching skulls and is beautifully painted.

Margaret drove me and Kat there and we were good, we didn't stop in any art stores and squander our resources on things we think might help but don't. We went instead to Alet-les-Bains to draw the racing Aude; the heavy rains of last night had swollen it big time.
Bob  is back with us and the weather will be good for tomorrows market. 

March 24, 2017

Unnatural practices

Get back to Esperaza to find that the rabbit has moved in with the tortoise. It is pouring with rain, mind you - it may have some sense, though not sure that Oswald has granted permission.
Tango is chatty and happy, Lily fat. Saw various friends at the airport. All is well, it seems.

March 17, 2017


 Phil had been out pic-nicing by the camargue all day so we had a quiet super at the Creperie - wanted him to try the burgers at  l'Authentique but it was inexplicably closed -  thence to an early night :) Bumped into Pete and Nel who are loving their new home up the hill. Invited ourselves over soon... which reminds me, off to Isle de Brexit on Saturday so all will be quiet for a few days.

PS Can't resist adding this photo from this mornings' coffee - mine host deciding to wear some kind of curtain :)

March 16, 2017

Remboursement de la taxes des ordures, 2014

Local residents will remember when the shit tax started, in 2014. Turned out it WAS illegal since the service provided was already paid for in the taxe d'hab. It's now possible to claim a rebate. (Only for 2014, after that the position was regularised). Clever Hilary discovered this from her neighbour who was with the post office, who gave her a pro forma letter by which to claim a reimbursement. I have copies.
You have fill that in and give them the number of the cheque you paid it with and attaching a RIB.
This rebate isn't being advertised and only the info is being passed person to person. When I was in the bank getting the RIB the staff chuckled and said that the Quillan treasury was suffering. The newsagents (Linares, by the new butcher) said to pass the word... let me know if you want a copy of the letter.
Here's a picture of Jess having a wash. Beautiful weather here. Phil away on a pic-nic.

March 15, 2017

speed update

This morning;
the trimming of the trees by the station. Rather good news as the magpies will have to nest elsewhere, thereby not being so close to nesting birds, maybe. They are as bad as cats in the destruction of young songbirds plus they take unhatched eggs. Grr.
This was snapped en route to Quillan for the market there. Bought a new chess set :) Its handmade and the two teams are Rasta and Douanes. Or spiritual and capitalist, perhaps. Saw many friends and got up to speed with all the news which is either too innocuous to bother with or too libelous to print.
Last night; yeah, Phil is here :) Aileen, Ole-Bendick and Gracie joined the celebration. Fig and cheese tarts, fish pie and tarte tatin lots of which (not the fish) was home grown. I'm trying to eat up the freezer before the new crops arrive.

 A morning moon, yesterday? Day before? And a nice band of young men at the market on Sunday who everyone agreed were terribly good.
REMINDER* Today is the day the town hall recommend for putting out the traps for the Asian hornets. Ours is up. You can get yours FREE from the hotel de ville. Help protect our honey bees (who are eaten and used as incubators by the invaders.)

March 10, 2017

Ax- les- Thermes

Young Holly - daughter of very old friends - is visiting Ax- les- Thermes so we went to visit her :) 
Wonderful day in hot sun, above the (melting) snowline. 
Great to see Holz whom I've known all her life. We are hoping her next port of call will be Esperaza.