February 16, 2017

Captains return

There is far too much colour in life so I've black and whited this one for a change...Margaret and John, Captain Harris, Jutta and Bernt and Ian (who dropped in -) at dinner. We ate wild boar. 
So, Bob is back, Margaret and John are going, Bernt is here for the weekend, Ian and I remain. As does Tango, here in fine feather. Below him is the beautiful rib cage of a dead boar.

February 15, 2017

glorious day off

Margaret, Kat and I took a day off to draw together.  This involved breakfast, coffee and lunch and lots of free-range ambling. Started at Quillan market and checked out the newly sited English library (which we all joined - now 20 euros for residents but they do a part-timers ticket for 10) Its open 10 - 1.00, Tuesday to Sat., in a building by the Pink Palace.

The sun was strong and a delight to bask in. Its as if a switch had been thrown and spring arrived  -

A bit of shopping later and lunch at a cafe in Limoux, one in the square - very nice - thence to the Musee des Automates where we were welcomed as artists, given folding chairs and left in peace to get on with it. It was eerie; the machines all creak and groan as they move and the owners had created the music that goes with the show. It's lit in weird ways and the fabrics on the machines are metallic so lots of strange visual effects; the constant slight movements all around are both comforting and creepy.
Dear John had decided in our absence to make an evening meal so went home to drop stuff off before going to theirs and lo!! Oswald is up from his hibernation - to the chagrin of Jess who followed her around, sniffing. 

John did us a spag bol and tarte - the latter bought in a supermarket before he remembered he hadn't got a box on his motorbike. He wouldn't say how he got it home. Mike and Hilary and Glen and Kat were there (Roland has gone away) and songs were sung.

February 13, 2017

Florists away

Using this charming Dufy to let you know that the florists of Esperaza have closed, after thirteen years here. Strange to shut up shop just before valentines day; will try and find the story.

More news; her indoors at the Cafe du Pont has been safely and easily delivered of a baby boy called Tiago. (4 hours labour, 20 mins birthing in case the details are of interest.) Shes back at work with Tiago in a cot.

AND the town hall are giving out free kits to kill the Asiatic hornets. They consist of a piece of green plastic that you clip onto a water bottle which you fill with a mix that they will go for but that the bees don't like. Half of beer, 3 spoons of grenadine plus a glass of white wine. Lots of clear instructions to start mid march when they come out of hibernation.

February 12, 2017

Sav's birthday

 It was a big one for Saveria yesterday. Many friends wore Saveria masks - see above - and there was music and dancing and far too much food :) Have taken many many photos; here's a random selection.

Sounds rather odd given the spontaneous merry happenstance of the event, but the organisation was superb! Suspect Sav's sisters were behind it all. Good parking by the petanque area, coat hangers and rails in the entrance to the house, clearly marked toilets, designated smoking (outside, in the cold where they belong), a staffed bar, endless supplies of plates and knives and forks and glasses, good music desk and of course excellent drummers :) Chilling space and dancing space, room for all ages.
Congratulations to all involved xxxxx

February 11, 2017

Chez John and Margaret

 Very cold nights here - full moon and frost last night - so dinner with dear friends was especially welcome. Margaret and John did us (Kat and Roland, me and Bob) proud. Back to diet today.

Many hearty and impressed congratulations to Margaret and John on the occasion of their 48th wedding anniversary!
Here's a nice pic of Roland and John up to something - dunno what. Caption needed, perhaps.

February 8, 2017

Bob Birthday

We celebrated Bobs birthday quietly - fairly quietly - with Andree, at the Odalisque in Limoux. The food is excellent there and so was todays' company:)
All is quiet here on account of it's February and it's wet. No doubt it will frisk up soon but for the moment, it's a gentle pleasure.

February 5, 2017

Rain stops play

The market continues but so small and sooooooo wet... still good fun, thanks to Kat who braved it for a coffee. Apart from that, the only news is that the creperie on both Thursday and Friday nights was excellent, comme d'hab.; Margaret and John are here for 2 weeks and Kerian and Anne for a  long weekend, Hilary and Mike are back from their travels, Roland and  Kat are ensconced, Gracie is in the hills and god's in her heaven.